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Submit Designs

How to Submit your Design

Step 1: Design your artwork

To create your design we prefer you use a vector graphics editor such as Adobe Illustrator. If using another program like Adobe Photoshop we recommend using a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. We also prefer you submit two copies of your artwork. One copy should contain the artwork and the other should show the placement of your artwork on a t-shirt. Our submission kit will help you prepare your artwork.
Submission Kit includes:
    1. Blank t-shirt photos
    2. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop t-shirt templates

Step 2: Submit your artwork
Please use our submission form to submit your artwork. At first we prefer that you submit a low-resolution file. You do not need to submit the actual design file, such as an illustrator file, for the design contest. Once we receive your artwork our team will decide whether to accept the artwork into our design contest. After we approved your artwork we will send you a confirmation email.
Artwork may be rejected for the following reasons:
   1. Failure to show placement of your artwork on a t-shirt
   2. Inappropriate content
   3. Copyright Infringement
   4. Duplicate Submission
   5. Artwork needs more work
   6. Damaged file
*Please read our Terms of Use for more submission details

Step 3: Promote your artwork

Tell your friends and family about your artwork submission. Post a link to your submission on your blog or do whatever else you need to do to let people know about your artwork!

Step 4:  Winning a design contest

If your artwork is chosen as the winner of one of our contests we will request the original design file and send you the appropriate payment.
Design contest prizes:
1.    $70 or 70,000 KRW
2.    A free t-shirt with your design
3.    Bragging rights
How do we choose the winners?
We choose winners based on a number of different factors. Some of these factors include the number of votes received, the rate at which it received the votes, where the votes are coming from, and the comments on the submission. We also like to make a variety of designs and concepts and may use our own judgment when deciding which artwork to produce. For more details please read our Terms of Use.

Submit Designs & Win!
1. Download one of our submission kits here:
Submission Kit
2. Prepare your design!
3. Title for your design:
4. Your thumbnail image:
This file MUST be a 210 x 210 pixels jpg, gif or png.
5. Submission file:
This file MUST be a 640 pixels wide jpg, gif, png or swf no more than 640 pixels tall and under 300kb. Your design must use no more than 8 unique colors and must be submitted on one of our downloadable templates found in our submission kit.
6. Your design description:

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