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Deman0666 aka Darcy is a 35 years old, has been a member since August, 2013, has scored 1 submissions, giving an average score of 2.00.
  • Deman0666 on Aug 17' 2013
  • About to head out to the Gym.
  • Deman0666 on Aug 09' 2013
  • Going to be testing my other shirt after class today. So far at 305 responses within a four week time period. 300 Like it or want to buy it. While the remaining five do not like it. Can not make everyone happy.
  • Deman0666 on Aug 08' 2013
  • Please Add me on Facebook if you want. https://www.facebook.com/mrdarcy0777. I am also on Twitter.
  • Deman0666 on Aug 08' 2013
  • Going to be Beta Testing down at the Richmond Night Market with some other shirts I have created.
  • Deman0666 on Aug 08' 2013
  • I had to take down my page for my shirt and all the pictures. That would have helped with my marketing project. Offended a couple people apparently. By offend I mean they are self righteous.
  • Deman0666 on Aug 08' 2013
  • Today I wore my looking for a Korean girlfriend shirt after going to the gym. Talked to five Korean People. My Marketing research has so far given pretty promising results. Out of 401 people who have seen my shirt. Only five people were offended or did not like the shirt. While the remaining 396 loved or wanted to purchase the shirt. Got a few offers to be my girlfriend. It works.
  • Deman0666 on Aug 08' 2013
  • Some cool shirt designs. Hoping to win the monthly shirt contest. So I can create a profile picture. I got some cool designs I would like to submit.
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