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Looking for Korean Girlfriend.

by Deman0666

by Lukeyboy on Aug 12' 2013
I love the Design Bro.
by Seobabybaby on Aug 13' 2013
That is a cute shirt are you going to make one saying looking for Korean Boyfriend.
by Deman0666 on Aug 13' 2013
I will make one but I need to find a woman to help me Beta Test. So I can get accurate results. Plus I would need to find my Target Market. I have a Google account where I have posted up my other work. Please Check it out.
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  • Aug 08' 2013
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  • I made this shirt for my Marketing Class Project. I am still doing the marketing research for the shirt to see if it can compete up against the "Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend" Shirt. I would like to add a little mark on the right arm saying " Korean List T-shirts". The shirt looks like the Korean flag. It is just a Funny novelty t-shirt. The circle of the Korean flag is surrounded by the Korean Characters saying "Looking for Korean Girlfriend". Hope you like it.
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